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(kinda a response to the confession #556 on recast confessions)

Ok I’m sorry I think I have asked this before but I want to do so again. Where does this rumor about bad service from fairyland come from? A LOT of the dolls at my local meet are from FL. I asked a bunch of people there and they all…

This is a pretty sore topic for me, as I love CP’s gorgeous sculpts. However, I haven’t had the best experience with Fairyland. I feel that they need better quality control, as well as better customer care for when things go wrong. 

When I received my Rheia with deep pockmarks and heavy scratches on most of her body, Fairyland refused to acknowledge this as a problem. When I very politely requested a replacement thigh (the part most affected by the deep pockmarks) AND offered that they ship it with my next order (thus, guaranteeing that I’ll order again and no out-of-pocket shipping costs for them), they refused. It was very disheartening. 

Since then, I no longer order direct. These days, when I must have a Fairyland doll, I order through DDE, who do offer refunds (less shipping) for problematic dolls. I haven’t had to return a doll yet, but it makes me feel better to know that I can. 

I wrote a review about my most recent Fairyland MiniFee in tan resin (link to blog post), which did arrive with some issues. Some people don’t feel that these things are a problem, others do. It’s ultimately up to you to decide!

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